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Published by: Dutton
Release Date: May 24, 2014
Pages: 384
ISBN13: 978-0-525-95460-6

Series: Standalone Novels


Single father Danny Goodman would do anything — anything — to protect his teenaged daughter, Abby, from more unhappiness after her mother’s death. Struggling to keep her at the private school she loves, he accepts a favor from an unexpected benefactor: Thomas Galvin, father of Abby’s best friend and one of the wealthiest men in Boston. Galvin offers Danny a loan that would be enough to pay Abby’s tuition and relieve some of Danny’s other financial pressures, and Danny can’t help but be charmed by Galvin’s generosity and kindness.

Danny’s new friend, however, turns out to have some dangerous enemies — including some Federal investigators who think Danny’s in a perfect position to collect evidence against Galvin. The moment Galvin’s loan hits Danny’s account, Danny finds himself trapped into a dangerous undercover assignment that will put both his life and his daughter’s at risk. Danny tells one lie after another to hide more and more secrets, weaving a net that will ultimately require a desperate plan of action.


"An irresistible page-turner….the plot is so smartly put together, expertly paced and unpredictable...another winner from Finder, who, as ever, builds suspense without a shred of overstatement."
—Kirkus Reviews

"Finder fans as well as devotees of action-packed suspense have a great read ahead. The taut pacing, staccato chapters, and ingenious plot, especially Finder’s characteristically creative use of digital surveillance techniques, guarantee a literary thrill ride."
—Library Journal (starred review)

"SUSPICION is arguably Joseph Finder's best novel to date, and he's one of the best thriller writers in the business. He's a master at making the reader feel every emotion, jump at every shock and squirm with every twist that Danny must overcome."
—Associated Press

"Perfectly timed for summer beach reading season, Joseph Finder’s new novel, SUSPICION, once again demonstrates his mastery of the paranoid thriller….It’s wonderful to see one of our best thriller writers at the top of his game. Lots of readers are going to have lots of fun with SUSPICION this summer."
—Connecticut Post

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Sometimes the smallest decision can change your life forever.

Abe Lincoln’s bodyguard decides to stay for another drink at the bar at Ford’s Theatre during intermission.

The archduke’s driver makes a wrong turn in Sarajevo because he refuses to ask for directions. (Men, right?)

You finally listen to your know‑it‑all brother‑in‑law and invest everything you have with a guy named Bernie Madoff. Steady returns, dude. A no‑brainer.

The tyranny of small decisions, someone once called it. The gate of history turns on small hinges.

Danny Goodman’s nightmare began with a quick handshake and a friendly smile.

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