Buried Secrets – Praise

“Readers, whether at the beach, on the backyard patio, or reading themselves to sleep at night, will find themselves in the grips of a delightfully dark tale filled with vividly crafted characters, terrific action, mystery, and absorbing narrative tension. This is summer noir at its best… Call it whatever you want, but Joseph Finder has produced the kind of masterfully crafted, pulse-throbbing popular entertainment that few readers will want to put down.”
—Boston Globe

“A total wow of a read, Finder’s second novel starring Nick Heller…gets off to a quick start and keeps the throttle wide open for the whole ride. This is the kind of book you have to look up from, every once in a while, just to collect yourself… About as perfectly plotted and suspenseful as possible, this is a tremendous high-wire act.”
—Booklist, starred review

“Bestseller Finder’s compulsively readable sequel to VANISHED opens fast and never slows down… Self-effacing, wry, and ridiculously competent, Heller makes a reasonably engaging protagonist, but this thriller’s real star is the suspenseful, expertly paced plot.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Following the acclaimed VANISHED, Nick Heller is back… Crisp, clipped chapters and numerous cliff-hangers propel the action at a breakneck pace. Finder’s outstanding writing and engrossing plot twists embellish a captivating summer read.”
—Library Journal, starred review

“Nick Heller, the private spy introduced two years ago in Joseph Finder’s VANISHED, is the guy you want on your side when your corporation needs deep background or your political life needs a cleanup. Finder paints an appealing hero, engaging, in part, because he’s not a superhero. Comparisons with Lee Child’s Jack Reacher are inevitable, but Heller’s actions are never those of a lone cowboy. He’s human enough to seek and accept help… Racing alongside Nick Heller, you’ll want one more chapter, then another, and then one more. You know he has to prevail; you just need to know how.”
—The Washington Post

“Heller is a compelling and flawed hero who pursues justice at all costs. The page-turning suspense and the plot twists make BURIED SECRETS a candidate for the best-seller lists.”
—Jeff Ayers for The Associated Press

“The pace is fast, the writing terse, the action non-stop – like a combination of Alfred Hitchcock, John Le Carre and Ian Fleming on speed.”
—Tulsa World

“Joe Finder has blended the post-modern escapism of Lee Child with the pop paranoia of the seminal early work of Robert Ludlum. His hero, Nick Heller, wages the kind of one-man war familiar to Jack Reacher fans while cracking a conspiracy of typically monstrous proportions… Once better known for financially-themed thrillers, Finder’s even better with bullets than numbers in crafting a textbook example of what a thriller can and should be.”
—The Providence Journal

“One of the strongest thrillers this year… If you’re claustrophobic, BURIED SECRETS may give you some chills. But Finder’s novel is an action-packed read that moves quickly — but not too quickly that readers can’t enjoy the mystery.”
—Las Vegas Review-Journal

“A powerhouse thriller that puts its hooks into you in chapter one and never lets go. Heller is a marvelous creation. Finder draws on his own background in espionage but uses it in the Heller books to probe corporate skullduggery as well as conspiracies that have international political elements.”
—Connecticut Post

“BURIED SECRETS moves at a brisk pace as Finder adds layers of conspiracies to his plot. As usual, Finder knows how to measure out the action for the ultimate impact.”
—South Florida Sun-Sentinel

“Author Joseph Finder is the king of “the hook” in writing style. This talented author can grab a reader’s interest quicker and more securely with his first few pages than anyone else writing today… If you want a novel that is a good read and is also one that you literally can’t put down then Buried Secrets is the book for you. Block out some time before you start because you won’t want any diversions or interruptions while you race through it.”
—Jackie K. Cooper for The Huffington Post

“A rip-roaringly suspenseful espionage thriller that made this reviewer cringe, shudder and laugh all on the one page. From the flying start to the eventual standoff, I simply did not want to tear my eyes away from this book for one moment such is the relentless pace.”

“While Finder has built his writing reputation on clever plots and cutting-edge technology, it’s his characters who clearly steal the show… As you race from chapter to chapter, breathless to know what will happen next, you’ll be happy to discover that classic reader’s dilemma—you just have to know how the story ends, and yet, you don’t want to part ways with these characters.”
—Lisa Gardner, bestselling crime novelist

“BURIED SECRETS is a perfect example of a white-knuckle thriller: suspenseful and exciting, with good action scenes, interesting characters and lots of smart technical details and inside info that take the reader behind the curtain to catch a glimpse of the shadows. There are few writers working today who could pull off a book like this with such skill and panache — and none who could do it while making it all look so effortless. BURIED SECRETS cements Finder’s status as the master of the modern thriller. ”
—David J. Montgomery, thriller/mystery critic for The Daily Beast and the Chicago Sun-Times

“Finder’s deft humor peppers this tale with witty and cynical quotable one-liners; many of which made me laugh out loud… Smattered with trade-craft, glimpses into geo-politics and financial trickery, this insightful novel is the summer thriller of 2011.”
—Ali Karim, SHOTS magazine

“Finder pulls out all the stops in BURIED SECRETS… a smart, sharp and fast-paced novel that’s part thriller, part mystery, and all-entrancing.”

“Listeners, be advised: Once you push “PLAY” on this second Nick Heller thriller, pushing “STOP” will be extremely difficult. Joseph Finder’s latest nail-biter features crimes, international intrigue, and suspense that whips through the privileged enclaves and seedy underbelly of Boston. From the opening paragraphs, Holter Graham’s cool, acerbic performance personifies the sardonic Heller, “private spy.””
—AudioFile Magazine

“Nick Heller is one of my favorite characters in thrillerdom. Joseph Finder always excels in keeping his audiences hooked with perfectly crafted plots, relentless suspense, and endearing protagonists… At nearly 400 pages, this novel only feels like half of that and never is there a dull moment or a wasted word.”
—Fiction Addict

“This is edge-of-the-seat, pulse-racing storytelling with a whiplash finish that leaves you gasping for more: quite excellent.”
—The Daily Mail UK

“Finder does an excellent job with the Nick Heller character, and the twists kept coming fast and furious right up to the end…If you’ve never had the pleasure of reading a Joseph Finder novel, feel free to jump right in with BURIED SECRETS. The writing and characters are reminiscent of Harlan Coben and Lee Child, and the only disappointment is when you get to the end and know you have to wait for a new Finder novel.”
—Duffbert’s Random Musings

“Nick Heller is a hero in the classic sense of the word. A pleasingly fast-paced book…with a memorable leading man and some highly memorable action sequences.”
—Alternative Magazine Online (UK)

“Short chapters, plenty of twists, lots of tech stuff, a bit of romance, humor here and there, slick plotting: just about everything you look for in a thriller.”
—Bill Crider, Pop Culture Magazine

“Reading BURIED SECRETS is like running a mad dash or being involved in a high speed chase – – your heart will pound, you will be moving on adrenaline and when it’s over you will be physically spent.”
—Psychotic State

“Finder has found his stride with his new hero and will no doubt produce future heart pumping stories in this series. If you enjoy white-knuckle thrillers and are looking for a new adventure series scoop up VANISHED and BURIED SECRETS from your local book seller.”
—The Fish

“I was carried along by the interesting plot and excellent characterization particularly the realistic portrayal of Heller who was in no way a super hero or the energizer bunny type that is often found in this type of book. BURIED SECRETS is the second book in the series, which has all the ingredients for many successful sequels.”
—Maddy Van Hertbruggen for ReviewingtheEvidence.com

“A page-turning plot line that doesn’t demand too much thought combined with a likable hero, a depraved villain, and a steady dose of action makes for an entertaining summer read for thriller-inclined teens.”
—School Library Journal

“To say that this was hard to put down is an understatement. The short chapters and change in point of view keep the narrative moving forward at a very rapid pace… Recommend for a great summer read — but only if you have nothing else to do until you turn the last page!”
—The Book Nurse

“This is by no means a typical detective story… BURIED SECRETS, like all the other Joseph Finder novels I’ve read, is a cut or two above other thrillers — in its intricate plotting, its in-depth charzacterizations, and its hard-hitting writing.”
—Mal Warwick’s Blog on Books

“Finder has, in the past, displayed his penchant for solid character development and suspenseful writing with his first Nick Heller novel, VANISHED — and he delivers the goods this time as well.You’ll keep those pages turning…”
—Khaleej Times

“The book is tightly written and action-packed… Holter Graham is a prolific, professional, and extremely reliable narrator of audio books… He also narrated VANISHED, so he is already comfortable with the cast of BURIED SECRETS. His Nick is smart, cagey, but too impulsive. Graham has a knack from capturing each voice from Alexa’s querulous teen notes to Marshall’s sorrowful and manipulative pleas…Together, Finder and Graham have created a thoroughly engaging summer listen.”
—Karla Jay reviews the audiobook for ReviewingtheEvidence.com

“A page-turner until the very end, those enjoying action packed mystery/thrillers will find this a satisfying and enjoyable read.”
—Linus’s Blanket

“I read BURIED SECRETS in a day. Almost everything about this book is right. Joseph Finder is as good as the late William Tappley and Robert Parker in bringing the city to life.”
—Murder by Type

“It was like enjoying a symphony of words. Joseph Finder just wove a fabric of fun, action, thrills and chills.”
—Gelati’s Scoop

“Fast paced, suspenseful thriller with interesting characters and many plot twists and turns… BURIED SECRETS is a novel that will draw you in from the start and will keep you glued to the pages until the end–a wonderfully written story!”
—Little Apple Bookworm