Judgment – Praise

“Not only the main character but also the supporting cast and even the walk-on characters are wonderfully believable. Finder also peppers the narrative with astute observations on a range of professions and criminal activities. Another stunner from a master.”
Booklist, starred review

“A tense and well-balanced novel that unfolds in the context of a suburban life full of other, more mundane challenges. The more we learn about Judge Brody and her family, the more we root for a merciful resolution to their travails.”
Wall Street Journal

“To term this thriller “twisty” is putting it mildly… Finder’s narrative zips ahead at a steady clip, incorporating multiple contemporary zeitgeists in its slipstream.”
—Seattle Review of Books

“Joseph Finder has masterfully blended the psychological and legal thrillers in JUDGMENT, a book that combines his penchant for nuanced plotting with the rapid-fire pacing his more recent titles have displayed… The book started out reminding me of the steamy postmodern film noir “Body Heat,” before approximating the best of John Grisham or Scott Turow. A stunning success in all respects.”
—Providence Journal

“JUDGMENT is amazingly engaging, watching Juliana set aside the “robe” in order to use her wits to try and outsmart these adversaries who readers will never forget. Joseph Finder has, yet again, created a true thriller.”
—Suspense Magazine

“Finder boasts a distinctive skill for creating characters of depth and complexity. His forte is spinning tales of ordinary people suddenly thrust into extraordinary situations that require them to outmaneuver trained killers and spies… This is another high-octane winner from Joseph Finder.”
—Shelf Awareness

“Joseph Finder is always a lock for an entertaining, rip-roaring thriller of suspense, and that is certainly the case here… Touching on a Russian conspiracy and the #MeToo movement, JUDGMENT is as relevant as it is thrilling, and Joseph Finder shows once again that he knows how to keep readers off balance and guessing until the very end.”
—The Real Book Spy

“This is an exquisite game of cat and mouse. Finder is fully in his groove here. The guy never disappoints. JUDGMENT rocks.”
—David Baldacci

“I finished Joseph Finder’s JUDGMENT after six hours of high-adrenaline reading. What a great premise: A judge’s one-night fling a thousand miles from home becomes the basis for an attempt to blackmail her in an important case. And that is merely the first surprise. JUDGMENT is smart, swift and well-informed. I loved it!”
—Scott Turow

—Stephen King

“Loved JUDGMENT … lean, mean, not a wasted word or scene … Felt like a triple distillation of essential Finder-ism.”
—Lee Child

“Joseph Finder’s thrillers always deliver, and JUDGMENT is no exception–incredibly timely, twisty, and impossible to put down.”
—Karin Slaughter

“Joseph Finder’s JUDGMENT is a pitch perfect, ripped from the headlines thriller. An intense ride that grabs hold and refuses to let go. Judge Juliana Brody is a magnificent character, a perfect blend of believable vulnerability and ruthlessness to protect her family.”
—Mark Greaney

“JUDGMENT starts with a moral dilemma and quickly becomes a masterclass in ratcheting up the tension. Just when you think it couldn’t get any pacier, Finder finds another gear. With complex, believable characters, a twisty plot, and well-researched legal background, this is a classy, sophisticated thriller for readers jaded by low-stakes domestic noir.”
—JP Delaney

“Joseph Finder has long been one of my very favourite thriller writers. JUDGMENT is a stunning and utterly compelling page turner by a author at the top of his game. I cannot remember when I last read a book so gripping and so satisfying.”
—Peter James