Killer Instinct – Praise

“The master of a complex suspense formula… has scenes of flawlessly executed violence, crisp dialogue and taut pacing. His sendup of the ‘Business is war’ mentality is acute and good-humored.”
—The New York Times

“Mr. Finder’s fictional portraits of life in the maw of the private sector are sharper than those of most writers who moonlight on this terrain… Mr. Finder’s premise, of imagining overcaffeinated executives like Jason Steadman storming the corner office as if it were Fallujah, is rich territory.”
—The Wall Street Journal

“Where’s the disclaimer saying that any libelous resemblance of characters in this book to real people or companies is purely coincidental? …Finder is a well-versed tour guide to the business world, capable of mixing satire with insider lore. Finder’s take on the sales rep’s trade is as cynical as that portrayed in the movie Tin Men or in the David Mamet play Glengarry Glen Ross.”

“With his third novel in as many years to deal with a similar theme, Joseph Finder has firmly established himself as the master… doing for the country’s boardrooms and executive suites what John Grisham did for its courtrooms… KILLER INSTINCT is a superb story that dazzles with its heart-pounding suspense, even while posing deeper questions about the ethics of business and what we’re willing to do to get ahead.”
—Boston Globe

“This is fun stuff, with lots of plot twists. Finder once again proves adept at genre conventions and inventive in applying an action-movie sensibility to the white-collar workplace.”
—San Francisco Chronicle

“At the start of this masterful business thriller from bestseller Finder, Jason Steadman, successful salesman at Entronics, an electronics company that’s right up there with Sony and Panasonic, drives into a ditch near his office outside Boston while talking to his wife on his cellphone. Jason befriends the tow-truck driver who comes to his rescue, Kurt Semko, an ex-Special Forces soldier, and recommends him for a position at Entronics.”
—Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

“Wickedly fun.”
—Entertainment Weekly

“…what if ‘take no prisoners’ wasn’t just a figure of speech? In his latest thriller, Joseph Finder, the business world’s answer to John Grisham, follows a 30-year-old sales exec into the shadowy world of corporate security.”
—Fast Company magazine

“This is slick entertainment that makes you squirm in your seat, and grip the pages as if your fingers were coated with adhesive. Like the best thrillers, the plot of KILLER INSTINCT is simple, but in that simplicity comes duplicity as the tale that takes the basic Faustian story and updates it for the twenty-first century… Informative, smart, fast paced and a damned fine read…KILLER INSTINCT is without doubt one of best thrillers for 2006, and Finder a unique voice…If I were to sum-up KILLER INSTINCT in one word, I’d call it astounding, and as a big reader/reviewer of thrillers, this beat my high-tide mark by a mile.”
—Ali Karim, Shots Magazine

“Finder is nothing less than a marvel… KILLER INSTINCT is a killer book, the great white of this summer’s thrillers. You’ll never see a video screen or a tow truck without thinking of it.”

“Finder remains the CEO of the corporate thriller.”
—Library Journal

“The best book of its kind since Michael Crichton’s Disclosure.
—Providence Journal-Bulletin  

“A first-rate thrill ride, punctuated with the kind of character development most authors shun… There’s also a lot to be said for hip dialogue, a contemporary milieu and an author who references Radiohead.”
—Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“[A] masterful blend of contemporary thriller and a character-driven plot set in a totally believable business setting that could be any large corporation in America… the excitement builds to a pulse-racing conclusion.”
—Houston Chronicle

“[A] book that moves at breakneck speed. The pacing will make you want to sneak it into your own cubicle to find out what’s going to happen next.”
—The Richmond Times-Dispatch

“Finder writes a special brand of business-world thriller one might call Dilbert noir… In his latest, Finder takes a man least likely to swim with the sharks – Jason Steadman, a very happy, contented salesman for an electronics giant – and places him on fortune’s wheel… Part of the dreadful fun of this thriller is figuring out ahead of Steadman who is behind his good fortune; the rest of the suspense comes from watching Steadman seek to outwit his malevolent benefactor.”

“KILLER INSTINCT moves at such a brisk pace that the more than 400 pages zoom by. But Finder doesn’t neglect character development for a quick-moving plot. With an economy of scenes and realistic dialogue, Finder sculpts believable characters and avoids stereotypes… Killer Instinct proves that Finder has the killer instinct when it comes to creating his own exciting niche.”
—South Florida Sun-Sentinel

“Your dude will get a thrill out of this rollercoaster of a read.”

“Throughout the novel, Finder moves his tightly woven plot effortlessly from the larger to the smaller picture, bringing us a fascinating perspective of corporate America with all of its intrigue, hypocrisy, deception, paranoia, back stabbing and incompetence… Joseph Finder has done it again. KILLER INSTINCT displays all the hallmarks of a superior cracking thriller with an absorbing tale with excellent pacing.”

“Author Joseph Finder is an expert at taking everyman heroes (a PDA product manager in PARANOIA, an office furniture executive in COMPANY MAN) and really brings this art to focus with a monitor salesman in KILLER INSTINCT… KILLER INSTINCT grabbed me by the throat. For two nights while I was in the midst of this story, I had problems going to sleep worrying about how Jason could possibly escape.”

“It’s a perfect companion to the previous page turner, COMPANY MAN… Finder blends the double crosses and sneaky corporate politics of the electronics industry into a compelling and deceptively intricate narrative.”
—Sidney Williams,

“Joseph Finder is a talented storyteller with thrilling action in all of his books. The plot is ingenious, compelling and frightening… This novel sizzles.”

“KILLER INSTINCT by Joseph Finder is a corporate thriller that will have readers on the edge of their seats. The action is fast-paced and spellbinding… I was definitely enthralled.”
—The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers