Paranoia – Praise

“Fun . . .movie-ready . . . twists aplenty . . .the fear of seeing Cassidy exposed as a spy . . . provides more chills than any ghoul with a chain saw.”
—Entertainment Weekly

“Jet-propelled. . . this twisting, stealthily plotted story…weaves a tangled and ingeniously enveloping web…[with a] killer twist for the end.”
—The New York Times

“There’s a new John Grisham in town . . . Masterfully told and thoroughly engrossing.”
—People Magazine, “Critics Choice”

“A built-for-speed thrill ride . . . Mr. Finder, who has written nonfiction about the intelligence world, brings an authoritative-seeming knowledge of trade-craft to his fast-paced, first-person tale of techno-espionage . . . edgy and knowing.”
—The Wall Street Journal

“Last year belonged to Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code . . . This year’s first contender for Page Turner of the Year is Joseph Finder’s Paranoia . . . terrific tale . . . riveting . . . [Finder keeps] the story hurtling along . . . The corporate thriller just got an upgrade.”

—USA Today

“Finder’s detailed portrayal of the Machiavellian world of the mega-corporation and its high-stakes intrigue…keeps the pages turning.”
—The New York Times Book Review

“Edge of your seat action . . . You’ll think twice about who’s watching you at work.”
—The Washington Post

“An entertaining story about modern corporate espionage and the price of success in the business world . . . part cautionary tale, part satire, and part coming-of-age chronicle . . . PARANOIA has at its heart a clear view of what a good man needs to do to find his soul.”
—Boston Sunday Globe

“The archetype of the thriller in its contemporary form. . . late in the book we discover how completely we have been fooled, and with real escapist pleasure.”
—The New Yorker

“For anyone who loves thrillers, here’s one little prediction: you just may miss a night’s sleep with Joseph Finder’s PARANOIA early in the New Year.”
—Janet Maslin, from The New York Times on CBS News Sunday Morning

“Kudos to Joseph Finder . . . In Finder’s lively prose, even his thumbnail sketches come alive. . . It may go without saying that in a thriller of this quality, just about everyone has a story that’s other than it first appears. What sets Paranoia apart from others of its genre is not only Finder’s fun, chatty prose, but also his command of the setting. A former Sovietologist, the author knows his spy stuff — and has researched well the ins and outs of post-Enron corporate security. . . .In a way, it’s an intellectual puzzle that he has shaped into a thriller.”
—Boston Globe

“A high-octane thrill ride . . . Surprisingly gripping.”
—San Francisco Chronicle

“An exciting, breathless thriller that doesn’t slow down until he has nailed that last, surprising twist in PARANOIA. . . . the premise is so well executed, the action so exhausting and the characters so realistically shaped. . . . In just his fourth novel, finder firmly joins the elite group of today’s outstanding thriller writers. … Finder keeps the energy high and the situations plausible…. Just when PARANOIA seems to be on a predictable path, Finder pulls a twist that is the perfect capper.… a superior modern thriller.”
—Sun-Sentinel (Orlando)

“PARANOIA is a cleverly nuanced suspense story. It builds slowly and relentlessly, developing character and plot, creating intrigue. . . . Fresh, original and without cliche, this is a cerebral, contemporary thriller that ends with a wrenching twist followed by a supple extra turn.”
—Boston Herald

“This novel is the real deal: a thriller that actually will keep readers up way past their bedtimes. . . . Relentless suspense . . . A first-rate surprise ending packs a wallop . . . The most entertaining thriller of 2004.”
—Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

“Imaginative and original, this is a gripping thriller with three characteristics too rare in the genre: humor, heart and good writing.”
—Detroit Free Press

“Page-turning perfection . . . dead-on dialogue . . . palpable tension . . . Finder has that rare knack for instantly pulling the reader into the story and then tops that with surprises within surprises.”
—Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Fast, funny, and very, very topical.”
—Toronto Globe and Mail

“A terrific thriller . . . expertly paced and full of suspense and surprises.”
—San Jose Mercury-News

“A superbly plotted page turner.”
—Albany Times-Union

“Combining nail-biting suspense with state-of-the-art technology, it’s sure to become one of the hotter books this year. . . . Joseph Finder excels in keeping the reader guessing until the last sentence, literally.”
—Dallas Morning News

“A rocketing plot. Here it is, readers, the perfect thriller for the post-Enron/Martha Stewart era.”
—New Orleans Times-Picayune

“Finder’s latest is a fun read with a hip narrator, an engaging story set in a world rarely seen in thrillers, and great suspense. Highly recommended for all popular fiction collections.”
—Library Journal (Starred Review)

“A superbly edgy read . . . fraught action scenes worthy of the best heist movies . . . in PARANOIA Finder mines a rich vein of scary entertainment. . . grab[s] readers by their throats the way THE DA VINCI CODE did.”
—New York Daily News

“Terrific . . . riveting. . . practically redefines the high-stakes, high-tech thriller. It’s the best novel of its kind since Michael Crichton’s Disclosure. . .”
—Providence Journal-Bulletin

“Go along for the ride — it’s worth it.”
—Associated Press

“A guaranteed hit . . . every page is filled with suspense . . . well written and hip with smart dialogue.”
—Ottawa Sun

“The real thing — a sleek, hip, and fast-paced thriller that gets its hooks in you from the very first page. It’s a terrific combination of nail-biting suspense, great characters with depth and real heart, and a fresh, original voice.”
—Lisa Scottoline, author of Dead Ringer

“Oh yeah, this is good, really good. Sharp, wicked, funny, exciting. I’ve been saying for years that the best, most imaginative writing is being done in the genres of crime and suspense. Joseph Finder’s Paranoia is proof positive.”
—Andrew Klavan, author of True Crime

“One of those all-too-rare but absolutely unforgettable books that rewrites the rules for contemporary thrillers. Finder’s loyal fans have long known what a terrific writer he is, but with PARANOIA he has written what is destined to be a classic of suspense fiction. Paranoia is a knockout — a fresh, original, and compelling novel that is impossible to put down.”
—Daniel Silva, author of The Confessor

“Combines a fresh voice, terrific characters, and high-octane suspense. Finder catapults himself into the front ranks of contemporary thriller writers.”
—Harlan Coben, author of No Second Chance

“Crisp, hard, funny, and smart.”
—Robert B. Parker, author of Back Story

“PARANOIA is an incredibly clever novel. I love Joseph Finder’s writing, and this time, he surpasses himself with some of the best dialogue and characterizations I’ve read in a long time. The plot is reminiscent of a classic Cold War spy story, but it’s set in a modern, high-tech corporation, complete with espionage, moles, double agents, and the spy who wants to come in from the cold. If there’s such a thing as an instant classic, this is it.”
—Nelson DeMille, author of Up Country

“The best thriller I’ve read in years . . . sets the standard in my mind for the way high-tech thrillers should be. Joseph Finder has put together a really tremendous book, and I liked PARANOIA so much I might go see the movie when it comes out . . . I actually stayed up ’til 3:30 A.M. one Saturday night while my wife slept next to me, feverishly finishing off the read I’d started just the evening before.”

“The quintessential voice of the contemporary thriller . . . St. Martin’s Press believes PARANOIA will be The First Blockbuster of 2004. As a reviewer, I’d have to agree. It’s damn good. . . Don’t keep yourself in suspense, buy the book. It’s worth the money.”

“The novel PARANOIA begins with one of the most tantalizing premises I’ve read in some time. . . It’s worth commending Finder for his insight into the technology world. His background is more in Russian literature and spy things, not in programming. Yet, the tech world he creates is as true to life in Silicon Valley as books like Po Bronson’s The First 10 Million is the Hardest and Douglas Coupland’s Microserfs. Technology is a wonderful domain for a novelist to work within, and we should be glad he came in from the cold to check it out.”

“Joseph Finder has a pretty good hold on thrillers, to put it lightly. He’s without a doubt one of the top out there when it comes to suspense… It’s a great book. Easy read. Full plot. Brilliant ending. If you haven’t read it, get it.”
—John Ambitious

“A fun novel, with twists and turns around every corner.”
—Linda’s Window (blog)

“The novel is a page-turner in the truest sense — each brief chapter ends with a cliffhanger that keeps readers racing to the finish, and its lack of explicit violence or overt commotion is compensated for with scenes of tense dialogue, and some steamy romance.”