Power Play – Praise

“Another triumphant work… truly earns the distinction of ‘page-turner.’  …[will send] readers racing through the story at lightning speed … A winner.”
—Chicago Sun-Times

“Its premise is enough to send chills through corporate boardrooms, and through civilian readers too.  [Mr. Finder] easily draws readers into the mind of his smart young protagonist.”
—Janet Maslin, The New York Times

“The action is swift … smooth-running … Finder keeps the plot bubbling and the pages turning.  His bad guys are believably menacing, and Jake Landry is humane enough that a reader can’t help rooting for him to outwit all his foes.”
—The Wall Street Journal

“A finely crafted excursion into the dark heart of executive-suite skullduggery.”

“The pace gallops relentlessly … Joseph Finder is perhaps the lead player in the corporate thriller genre.”
—The New York Times Book Review

“Thrilling … moves briskly, boldly … Start it this afternoon and you’ll have the nightstand lamp burning at bedtime.  Having read all of Finder’s books, I’ve come to the conclusion he doesn’t have a bad one in him.”
—Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“[A] nail biter of a read … Juggling the dog-eat-dog ethics of corporate life with a tense, scary plot.”
—Library Journal

“A page-turner par excellence.”
—Boston Common

“A fast-paced fun ride … a delicious, perfectly-prepared mixture.”
—Boston Globe

“POWER PLAY is one taut thriller, a book that was read on the bus, on the subway and late into the night … Joseph Finder has crafted one terrific tale.”
—Montreal Gazette

“Joseph Finder’s POWER PLAY doesn’t mess about.”
—The Guardian (UK)

“[Finder] hooks his readers big time with an irresistible premise.”

“The complexities of aircraft construction, money laundering and bank security are painlessly woven into a gripping storyline.”
—Tonight (South Africa)

“POWER PLAY is easily the most entertaining read I’ve had this summer. As a thriller, it is one of the best this year … highly recommended for the beach, plane or hammock.”
—Tampa Bay Online

“A bloody, rollicking thrill ride … the plot moves at light speed.”
—Richmond Times-Dispatch

“Joseph Finder catapults himself into the front ranks of contemporary writers.”
—Harlan Coben, author of Long Lost

“POWER PLAY by Joseph Finder is a real blood-pumper, with surprises on every page. Good stuff.”
—The Independent on Sunday (UK)

“[POWER PLAY] soars … A superior thriller … [a] tightly-coiled story.”
—South Florida Sun-Sentinel

“Wildly entertaining … the adrenaline rush and the razor-edged social comedy that is Finder’s trademark.  You won’t want to stop reading.”
—The Huffington Post

“A masterpiece … wrings more thrills per square foot than any book released this year … strong plotting, memorable characterization and exquisitely paced prose … Finder’s combination of plot and characterization gives POWER PLAY a readability quotient to the degree that it almost seems as if putting the book down at any point before finishing it is akin to a criminal act … A fabulous offering.”

“Joseph Finder … is a master when it comes to creating tension.”
—Crime Time (UK)

“Takes off like a rocket and races at a breakneck clip that doesn’t let up until the very last page … the best hostage-taking tale in years, achieving the pulp-action entertainment brilliance of ‘Die Hard’ on paper instead of screen.”
—The Providence Journal

“[A] sleek thriller … Tight, fluid writing.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Better than ‘Harry Potter.’ … 300-plus pages of great reading.”
—Contra Costa Times

“In his eighth thriller, Joseph Finder has produced something to please almost everyone.”
—The Canadian Press

“Finder makes the pages fun to turn.”
—Conde Nast Portfolio

“Moves like a bullet out of a gun.”
—Lee Child, author of the Jack Reacher novels

“I dare you to read the first page. You won’t be able to stop.”
—Tess Gerritsen, author of The Keepsake

“This is like reading a James Bond novel. It is fast and furious… This is pure entertainment and it is slick and glossy and rich people suffer according to their desserts. Lee Child recommended it and I can see why and so do I.”