The Company Man – Praise

“Compelling . . . COMPANY MAN confirms what PARANOIA made clear: [Finder] has unusually keen instincts for back-stabbing in the business world. . . as much a novel about the chicanery of the business world as it is a mystery story . . . Finder weaves these prospects menacingly throughout the story.”
—The New York Times

“Finder skillfully places his story of corporate intrigue (who is trying to sell the company, and why?) in counterpoint to the unravelling of a family’s secrets (why is Nick’s son Lucas so disturbed?), and the plot, which also features rogue cops and at least one homicide, accelerates to a headlong finish.”
—The New Yorker

“Finder has become a master of the modern thriller. There are twists and deceptions packed in here…Once again, Finder has managed to update the claustrophobic thriller into something that resonates with our times. . . . Joseph Finder has secured his niche as a master of the contemporary corporate thriller, a smart plotter in touch with our new century’s soft spots.”
—Boston Globe

“Propulsive… should cement Finder’s reputation as a reliable chronicler of the perils lurking in e-mail and the executive suite.”
—Entertainment Weekly

“Not only fast paced-excitement but also sympathetic characters with authentic back stories and realistic situations. Highly recommended.”
—Library Journal (Starred Review)

“At long last someone has done for executives what John Grisham did for lawyers: create fictional ones sufficiently three-dimensional to care about… the book doesn’t slow down for a second.”

“It’s everything a thriller should be: suspenseful, entertaining — and, above all, thrilling.”
—Chicago Sun-Times

“A solid, engrossing thriller… the novel’s pacing is strong, with steady suspense… there are few thriller fans who won’t stay up to finish this assured tale.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Finder (who last mined corporate culture in 2004’s PARANOIA) expertly keeps the pages turning as he ups the stakes chapter after chapter in Conover’s professional and personal life. He is equally confident in portraying the small stuff involving family conflicts, marriages in turmoil and especially the telling details of corporate life. . . it more than achieves its main goal of entertaining the reader – as a good thriller is supposed to do.”
—Baltimore Sun

“A frightfully good suspense thriller.”

“It is Finder’s strength as a writer that he is able to produce sympathy and understanding for his characters. Joseph Finder has created a thriller encased in a story of morality.”
—Front Street Reviews

“Finder is back with a new thriller that is almost as good as PARANOIA, one of my favorite books last year. . . . The good guy/killer dichotomy is a fascinating study in an intense story about the good and evil in all of us, and Finder twists a couple of storylines and keeps those pages turning. Great read.”

“This is a real page-turner with a new twist in every chapter. Finder has developed the characters of Nick and Audrey so well that you find yourself sympathizing with each of them. On one hand, you want the crime solved and on the other, you find yourself fearing that Audrey will really find something on Nick. The action is constant, the progress of the novel smooth and enticing and the end is a real surprise.”
—The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers