The Fixer – Praise

“If you’re in the mood for tense, witty angst … THE FIXER is the way to go.”
—New York Times Book Review

“A thriller that is as much about redemption as it is about escape. A remarkable exciting read.”
—Booklist, starred review

“So many surprises, this book is a definite page-turner and a whole lot of fun to read. A thriller that will keep you up late to find out what will happen next. 5 Stars for this one!”
—Suspense Magazine

“Nonstop page-turner…”
—Library Journal

“A lively page-turner with smart, tight dialogue.”
—Houston Chronicle

“A gripping novel beginning with an inadvertent discovery resulting in consequences far beyond the protagonist’s (and reader’s) wildest imaginings.”
—Huffington Post

“The real magic at work here is Finder’s knack in casting a spell that makes us as eager as the narrator to uncover the truth. And he steers us through the final, wild events with an unfaltering hand…”

“Right from the opening pages this book is a real page-turner… THE FIXER blends suspense with a captivating and thrilling plot.”
—Crimespree Magazine

“Finder crafts tales that force his characters to step outside their comfort zone and confront their fears if they are to find solace… Finder brings a surprising angle to the story and has crafted another worthwhile novel.”
—Associated Press

“THE FIXER is one of Joseph Finder’s most complex yet straightforward books. It also contains some of his best writing… Chalk up another winner.”

“Engaging, easy and quick reading, along with a practiced blending of action and dialogue.”
—My San Antonio

“There’s a wondrous noir aspect to THE FIXER… Finder moves from action to psychological thriller… and remains a storytelling maestro whose latest hits all the right notes.”
—Providence Journal

“A tense, fast-moving thriller.”
—The Washington Times

“Rick is a great protagonist who never takes himself too seriously… deft work by a skilled writer.”
—The Pregress-Index

“Joseph Finder is extremely reliable when it comes to perfect summer reading. I’ve now read eight of his books, and none of them has failed to entertain me… Great narrative… keeps the pages turning.”
—Collateral Bloggage

“A fast-paced thriller… tense and exciting ride.”
—Winnipeg Free Press