Vanished – Praise

“Joseph Finder’s new novel is a humdinger….a thriller to enjoy for its Washington locales, convincing familiarity with cutting-edge spy gadgetry, and taut action scenes.”
—The Washington Post

“Page-turning adventure and escapist fun. Finder’s strengths as a novelist, certainly on display in this latest narrative, are his profound understanding of espionage and his dead-on depictions of the cut-throat rivalries inside the landscape of corporate America.”
—Boston Globe magazine

“VANISHED is not only the best thriller of the summer, it’s a strong candidate for the best of the year…It’s the thrills in VANISHED that will get your blood pumping, but it’s the emotions in it that will touch your heart.”
—Chicago Sun-Times

“Finder is that rare thriller author who actually writes well. He manages deft characterization, offhand one-liners and a fine sense of place….In the best thrillers everything is connected. Pay attention to the details here, because they all fit into the surprising and timely plot of this first-rate effort.”

“VANISHED…is a scary, impossible-to-put-down paranoid thriller cut from the same cloth as those great 1970s Watergate era thrillers written by Robert Ludlum and classic movies such as “Three Days of the Condor.”… Finder will be giving Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series a run for its money… I can’t wait to read Nick’s second adventure.”
—Connecticut Post

“Finder has long been one of the best in the business at combining roller-coaster plots with well-developed characters, sharp writing and up-to-the-minute story details…Heller is a promising new hero, one of Finder’s best creations yet, and VANISHED is an excellent start to a new series…quite possibly the year’s best thriller.”
—David Montgomery, crime fiction reviewer,

“VANISHED has the familiar trappings of a Finder novel, including well-crafted characters, lots of unpredictable plot twists and a furious pace.”
—Bruce DeSilva, for The Associated Press

“Cliffhangers galore, the fascinating tradecraft of corporate espionage, and an engrossing story will propel readers through this outstanding thriller. Highly recommended as a great summer read.”
—Library Journal (Starred Review)

“Breakneck pace and labyrinthine schemes . . . ingenious.”

“Heller is Finder’s new series character and …will very shortly be mentioned in the same breath as Reacher and Bosch…If you only read one book this summer, make it VANISHED.”
—Crimespree Magazine

“Financial thriller whiz Joe Finder enters new territory with his latest, VANISHED by introducing his first series character and moving into the action genre. The result is a solid success in all respects…He has fully and seamlessly entered the world of Lee Child and James Rollins. A rousing, lightning-paced thriller from the first page to the last.”
—Providence Journal

“The plot is rich with odd twists and gruesome crimes, and just when the reader thinks the puzzle has been solved, Finder sends the tale careening in another direction. It’s a kind of sudoku for thriller connoisseurs. Wonderfully entertaining!”
—Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Finder ratchets up the suspense while making VANISHED both a business thriller and an old-fashioned heist. As usual, Finder knows how to measure out the action for the ultimate impact.”
—Sun Sentinel

“For Finder, corporate politics are as lethal as international spy rings. Maybe even more so. In VANISHED, Finder launches his first series, keeping the basics that have made his eight stand-alone books best-sellers while expounding on character development and multilayered plots. Nick Heller is a worthy hero…”
—Arizona Daily Star

“Moves at the pace of an injected neuro-toxin…. You’ll curse Finder for keeping you up into the early hours.…When I put the book down all I wanted to do was to start from the beginning again, such was the pleasure I got from VANISHED. … I would advise grabbing a copy quick, because like its title, it will be vanishing fast from the shelves on release.”
—Ali Karim, Shots magazine

“Finder has been a marvel from the very start of his writing career, and VANISHED takes him to new heights. It is a sharp, intricate thriller, shot through with memorable characters both good and bad, and wonderfully told from beginning to end…The fact that VANISHED is the first in a series of Heller books will surely make it a mandatory addition to the “must read” lists of thriller readers everywhere.”

“VANISHED is a fast read, written in short clipped, staccato chapters and clear prose that is refreshingly free of the jingoism, posing, and diatribes that crowd too many of today’s thrillers. …what separates Finder from the pack is that he both can really write, and his plots dealing with corporate intrigue have the ring of truth.”
—Mystery File

“Fans will be glad to know that VANISHED is everything they have been anticipating and well worth the wait. Finder’s fingerprints are all over this one: corporate intrigue, intense action scenes, and strong characters that effortlessly carry the story. As always Finder’s research and preparation shine through giving us a revealing and fascinating glimpse into private intelligence.”
—Fiction Addict

“From the opening pages this thriller confidently rushes along at a brisk pace, with plenty of action and a good sense of suspense. Finder knows how to engage his audience with interesting characters and plotting, and most readers will eagerly devour this enjoyable novel in a sitting or two.”
—Canberra Times (Australia)

“Even though I’d been warned that everyone who’d read it did so in one sitting, I cracked the cover at 10 p.m., figuring yeah, yeah, one sitting, right. When I passed out at 4 a.m., I was thinking, boy, if I could just keep my eyes opened long enough to finish this!”
—Myles Knapp, Contra Costa Times correspondent

“VANISHED is well worth your time….Thrillers and spy novels should be filled with intrigue and clever plot twists. Unpredictable yet believable. Fast paced but with an attention to detail creating credible story lines. Finder always delivers.”

“Author Joseph Finder is a keeper. The reason being he writes such fast paced thrillers that the reader can barely keep up with the plot as it races from page to page. His new book VANISHED is one of his best…being this anxious and this enthralled is a fine form of reading entertainment.”
—Jackie K. Cooper, The Huffington Post

“A well-written story which will keep you guessing.”
—Newcastle Herald

“Fast-paced and full of intrigue, VANISHED has all the hallmarks of Finder’s finest corporate thrillers, combined with a brand-new hero in Nick Heller. Once you start reading, you won’t want to stop!”
—The Crime Scene (Borders)

“Joseph Finder’s excellent plotting and ability to immerse the reader in the complexities of corporate espionage makes VANISHED a page turning thrill ride. Nick Heller emerges not only as a hero, but as a guy one would want around if trouble found them.”
—Harrisburg Examiner

“If Jack Reacher met Nick Heller in a dark alley, my money’s on Reacher. But it would be ugly. Or would it? Actually, I think they’d go for a beer together and set the world to rights – because Joseph Finder has given me a terrific new hero to root for. This is an action-packed, full-throttle, buy-it-today-read-it-tonight series that you definitely shouldn’t miss.”
—Lee Child, author of the Jack Reacher novels

“Written in staccato chapters that are emotionally supercharged and action packed, this thriller will more than satisfy adrenaline junkies and have them guessing until the very end.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Welcome to a Bond for the 21st century. Nick Heller is an adaptable, compassionate and satisfying maverick hero. I can’t wait for the next.”
—Daily Mail (UK)

“Joseph Finder delivers a compelling start to a new series featuring Nick Heller. Finder, a crack American journalist who writes on espionage and international affairs, combines the corporate workplace novel of intrigue with the international action thriller. And Heller just may be the new Jack Reacher, a decent man concealed by a rock-hard exterior.”
—The Australian

“This devilishly plotted thriller is so engrossing that you may not even mind when your own life is stalled in traffic.”
—AudioFile (on the audiobook)

“This book is stunning! …hard to put down, and you will be glued to the pages until it is over! Good news! This is the first in a series of Nick Heller books.”
—Armchair Interviews

“Unexpected twists and suspense including an astonishing turn in the final pages…Joseph Finder is one of my favorite authors. I read VANISHED in one night. Don’t miss reading this book!!!”
—Earlenes Eye On Books (blog)

“From page 1, the story speeds along at a pace that kept me turning pages…I only wonder how Finder will top this effort.”

“VANISHED is an excellent thriller…It has action and fast-paced plot progression…Keeps you guessing throughout the whole book.”

“The real mystery here is how Finder found the energy or the time to craft a plot with so many layers and twists…When you end [VANISHED], you will be pleased that Nick promises to return.”
—The Poisoned Pen

“Finder…quickly establishes his characters and gets the story moving. And, as he usually does, he keeps the pace speedy, and the suspense high, until the final pages. Something different, and also very good, from this always-reliable writer.”
—Winnipeg Free Press

“I have totally fallen into book lust with the main character in this story (Nick Heller).”
—1 Mile at a Time (blog)

“A page turner with solid writing and a strong plot that certainly rivals today’s movie thrillers.”
—Celebrity.Books (blog)

“VANISHED has catapulted Joseph Finder into my must read category. A terrific book with terrific characters and I love the lighthearted, sometimes funny, writing style.”
—TracyReaderDad Book Reviews (blog)

“I am consistently amazed by the element of detail that Joseph Finder adds to his novels. It sets him apart from others in the genre and he seems to raise his game with each new novel.”
—Gelati’s Scoop (blog)

“Considering that this was the first time I’ve ever read anything by Joseph Finder and it was a random choice based on the cover, I found myself pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the story. I’ll be on the lookout for more stories by Finder.”
—My Two Blessings (blog)

“Plenty of twists and turns… Fun to read… A fine start to a new series, and I’m looking forward to reading the second book.”
—Bill Crider, Pop Culture Magazine

“Page by page you become enthralled in the discoveries that he finds out in this conspiracy. It’s non-stop action, which I find to be very good for the story’s pace. All in all – it is a book that you won’t want to put down.”
—Tribute Books Mama