Suspicion – Praise

“An irresistible page-turner….the plot is so smartly put together, expertly paced and unpredictable…another winner from Finder, who, as ever, builds suspense without a shred of overstatement.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Finder fans as well as devotees of action-packed suspense have a great read ahead. The taut pacing, staccato chapters, and ingenious plot, especially Finder’s characteristically creative use of digital surveillance techniques, guarantee a literary thrill ride.”
—Library Journal (starred review)

“SUSPICION is arguably Joseph Finder’s best novel to date, and he’s one of the best thriller writers in the business. He’s a master at making the reader feel every emotion, jump at every shock and squirm with every twist that Danny must overcome.”
—Associated Press

“Perfectly timed for summer beach reading season, Joseph Finder’s new novel, SUSPICION, once again demonstrates his mastery of the paranoid thriller….It’s wonderful to see one of our best thriller writers at the top of his game. Lots of readers are going to have lots of fun with SUSPICION this summer.”
—Connecticut Post

“Finder twists the plot to reveal secrets within secrets and dangers within dangers… when you’re caught within the propulsive pages of a neatly constructed novel you pretty much just give yourself over to it.”
—Boston Globe

“Mesmerizing…one of the very best thrillers of the year.”
—Providence Journal

“If you have to get sick, I recommend timing it to coincide with the release of a new Joseph Finder novel. I gobble them up like glowing Pac-Man pellets.”
—Chicago Tribune

“A lean, crisp thriller—a zipping Jaguar of a ride… Finder has a satirist’s sense when discussing teen snobbery and the exurban rat race, and his spare, laminated style is several cuts above that of most thrillers.”
—Publishers Weekly

“This plot is charged with electricity, and causes the reader to change allegiances many times before the last words come to pass. A true genius wordsmith, this is one author who has created solid suspense gold.”
—Suspense Magazine

“SUSPICION is an engrossing tale of relationships, being put in unthinkable situations, and losing complete control over one’s life. It is a very believable, intriguing, fast paced and interesting story.”
—Crimespree Magazine

“Thriller veteran Finder merits applause for this streamlined story made believable by Danny’s everyman character; readers will find his palpable guilt and fear instantly relatable.”

“Finder’s new novel — SUSPICION — is going to keep fans happy… it doesn’t venture into the unbelievable. It’s a fine balance and Finder is great at taking an ordinary character and then wrapping a good story around him. The other strength of Finder is the ability to create suspense and tension without extreme violence or what you might describe as an action movie disguised as a novel.”
—Ottawa Sun

“Lock yourself in a room with SUSPICION and don’t come out until you’ve read every last word. Completely original, emotionally satisfying, expertly twisted, and genuinely entertaining. SUSPICION is the thriller to read this year. I loved it.”
—Lisa Gardner, bestselling author

“Joseph Finder has always been out there on the front edge of things. With SUSPICION he does it again, giving us a novel that is as timely and cognizant of contemporary society as it is a startling seat of the pants thrill ride. In Finder’s hands one man’s fight for survival becomes an everyman’s journey to the light.”
—Michael Connelly, bestselling author

“SUSPICION is Joseph Finder at the absolute top of his form: a heart-pounding, sweaty-palmed, utterly terrifying ride.”
—Tess Gerritsen, bestselling author

“Is this Joseph Finder’s best thriller yet? It gets my vote. So many twists and shocks. It kept me reading all night.”
—R.L. Stine, author of the Goosebumps series

“Joseph is an amazing writer, and this is a riveting thriller.”
—Jackie Collins, author of 29 bestsellers

“Joseph Finder’s SUSPICION is an example of a great book. It utilizes many of the familiar elements of the modern thriller novel – ordinary people in extraordinary situations, cliffhanger endings, high-tech gadgets, shifting POVs – but does so in an outstanding way, transforming the ordinary into something rare and wonderful.”
—David J. Montgomery, The Strand magazine

“SUSPICION takes you on a jet-propelled ride that thrums with tension and trouble, all of it possible, believable, and compelling. If you want a wonderful plot with deeply-drawn characters, read this novel. You’ll be glad you did. Five well-deserved stars!”
—Mark Rubinstein, author of Mad Dog House and Love Gone Mad

“This book kept me on edge. A good read for the summer.”
—Newburgh Free Library

“SUSPICION by Joseph Finder gets my vote for novel of the year! I truly love how he can take me into the life of the character, Daniel Goodman, and feel every intense moment he felt. You can almost feel your pulse rate go up during the suspenseful moments.”
—Fresh Fiction

“SUSPICION is one of those very rare books that captures your attention from the first few pages, refusing to relent until the very end… a perfect thriller to curl up with poolside. Finder holds nothing back and gives nothing away, expertly wrapping everything up into a stunning and completely shocking ending.”
—Jenn’s Bookshelves

“There is a lot to like about SUSPICION, from its well-drawn characters to its relentless tension and nonstop suspense… this is a thrill ride like no other, up to and including the surprise ending.”
—Mysterious Reviews

“After devouring it in a couple of days, I can say it was well worth the wait. This was truly one of those “can’t put it down” books.”
—Duffbert’s Random Musings

“No one does tension better than Joseph Finder.”
—My Big Honkin Blog

“Believable, intriguing, fast paced and interesting.”
—Just Add Water, Silly

“I left it at work on purpose because I wanted to savor it and make the book last as long as I could.”
—Chery’s Book Nook

“The author has a keen gift for suspense and this tale sets the reader on edge throughout.”
—The Crime Book Beat

“We gasp at every page we turn… This is a thriller that you cannot put down until the grand finale.”

“An amazingly thrilling novel that one just can’t put down, one that ends with a screeching bang followed by a mysterious self-imploding clue. Stunning novel that clearly demonstrates the adept skills of a brilliant thriller author!”
—Crystal Book Reviews

“It’s just one of those books that’s an absolute delight to read.”
—Kelly Vision

“I couldn’t have put down this book if I wanted to. The author proceeds to take us on a wild ride without giving us much time to catch our breath. My heart was just pounding as the pages kept turning… There are some crazy twists in this thriller that really turned the story on its ear.”
—Escape with Dollycas Into a Good Book

“An interesting thriller that calls to mind some of Finder’s earlier works.”
—Celebrity Books

“SUSPICION, in my opinion, is Finder’s best novel to date. It’s compelling, impossible to put down. Finder is a master of plot twists, surprise twist endings and visceral emotions. He pulls you into the characters’ world in such a way that you feel every heart thump and chills travel up the base of your neck as you sit on the edge of your seat wondering how in the hell the character will escape his latest predicament.”
—Have You Heard

“A thriller/mystery that has many twists and turns.”
—The Daily Dosage

“Elegantly written and engaging, SUSPICION will keep readers on target till it’s finished.”
—Mallory Heart Reviews

“In Joseph Finder’s hands nothing is as it seems… This story will pull you in and carry you on a journey of ups and downs and twists and turns that you, and Danny, never see coming.”
—The Writer’s Forensics Blog